Numerology is woven into everything that I do. You can book a personal Divine Numerology Blueprint, a Personal Year Energy Forecast, catch monthly forecasts in the Conscious Business Collective OR experience everything in the Conscious Business Immersion.


Stay in the Numerology loop and watch the 2022 Energy Forecast.

New to numerology? Keep reading to expand your awareness and see details of each personal numerology offering.


Calibrating to your code allows you to step into the power of who you are and transform through your spiritual assignments with grace and ease, rather than repeating patterns and lessons.


You were told that your life is completely random and can’t be understood logically. Numerology, through mathematics and science, reveals that the chaos you experience can actually be deciphered.


The world is patterns upon patterns and there is actually an astonishing amount of order.

Knowing this allows you to prepare, reduce fears and anxiety, and flow with the energies of the Universe.


Seeing the organization and symmetry amongst the chaos that holds our world together is incredibly empowering, validating, and gives my clients the confidence they seek to step into who they are meant to be. To share their gifts and medicine with the world.

Alana Hayes

AnnMarie’s joy for connecting and guiding others came through right away and I was immediately enthralled. The results she delivered were clear, concise, and seamless broken down into digestible pieces. Everything resonated as deep truths. So on point!


Unlock the power of your personal energetic code. This one-hour conscious conversation will bring forth your gifts, blessings, challenges, and obstacles in this lifetime. The blueprint includes information on your Ruling Numer, Personal Day Numer, Personal Year, Personal Season, and your energetic influences. Layers upon layers of insights into your code for mega clarity and confidence to step into the highest, most authentic version of yourself.


Each numerology reading involves meditative prep work, divine downloads from Creator/Source, soulful strategies, inspiring actions, oracle readings, and essential oil recommendations to support your emotional wellbeing and divine path.


The session includes a PDF of your numerical blueprint and a recording of the session.


Claire Lindsay

“ I was feeling a bit lost and confused about how to best show up in the world. I received a lot of confirmation about my strengths and skills. It actually made me laugh out loud at how accurate it was. I found a lot of insight into what my challenges were this year and validation around why I was so frustrated in some areas. AnnMarie is a grounded, compassionate, intuitive reader. I love working with her!



Each year, there is a Universal pattern that we all feel in the collective. You also have personal energy that is coming through inviting you to level up, expand and grow. Understanding and calibrating these energies will amplify your intentions and again, give you clarity in your path forward.


There are 7 cycles you go through in a year that coincide with the 7 planetary influences. Each 52-day cycle has a specific energy that flows to you.


Your personal forecast includes the themes, inspired action, results, and blessings for the upcoming 12-months and 7 planetary cycles. Yes, it’s kinda like having a crystal ball!