Conscious Business Immersion

Business energetics to amplify your clarity, align with your purpose, and activate your prosperity.


For coaches, healers, intuitives, and creatives with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Take me there!

Bridge the gap between hustle and heart with soulful strategies, anchored in numerology and the intelligence of the heart. 


Less striving, more thriving!


Develop a  Conscious Business Blueprint and step into more JOY, ABUNDANCE, AND FREEDOM.


How do I know if this is for me?

Are you energetically open for business?

Or, are you... 

  • Lacking clarity, vision, and focus in your business? 
  • Stressed, overwhelmed, or burnt out? 
  • Falling out of love with your business, feeling indecisive, craving balance? 
  • Unsure of how you want to feel or what the next steps are?

It’s time to hit the reset button and find a new way of doing things.

When do we start?

How will Conscious Business Immersion Transform Your Business and Your Life?


Heart Led Living

Clear your mind and access the intelligence of your heart. Make conscious choices and center your life around your energetic code and divine purpose. Live your life intentionally and deepen your relationship with your Soul and the Universe, while being of service to the world.

From Chaos to Clarity

Establish the sources of your stress, overwhelm, and burnout. Name it to tame it. Head into the eye of the storm to witness the chaos, and clarify the changes needed to begin feeling how you want to feel in your life + business, on your terms.

Synchronize Strategy with Soul 

Create a blueprint to success, aligned to your energetic code and Universal energies. Sharpen your internal compass and take soul-inspired action with a strong mind-heart connection. Map out your desires for deeper expansion and growth.

What's Included?

What is Conscious Business Immersion?


Conscious Business Immersion empowers heart-centered entrepreneurs and purpose-driven businesses to create a soulful and strategic business plan that's calibrated to your energetic code. To step into your power and be of service to the world in a way that lights you up!


CBI is designed to lead you back to a life and business where you’re clear, energized and abundant by accessing the innate wisdom of the heart. To manifest and call into fruition your desires to make the world a better place with a soulful strategy that avoids stress, burnout, and overwhelm and is aligned with your purpose, pleasure, and profits. 


CBI is a 3 month sacred container that guides you through an in-depth exploration of all aspects of life and business, to ensure the blueprint you are creating for the year is holistic and strongly emphasizes the personal wellbeing of yourself and the stakeholders of your company.


Inside the Conscious Business Immersion You Will Find




For your life and business. The wisdom you uncover and the feelings connected will become the animating spirit of all your decisions. Inner attunement before outer attainment. Heart-centered, feelings, and values before goals. The heart is your greatest resource + intelligence. It will lead the way to elevate, expand and bring more consciousness to the process.




 Bring to light the common threads that are interrupting the energetic flow of your heart’s desires and discover several modalities to easily implement in everyday life. Set healthy boundaries and master the art of saying no to make space for your future. Exfoliate what isn’t serving you and the new vision for your life and business. Develop aligning thought-forms that strengthen your heart compass, as well as honor and serve your Highest Self. 




Reconnect with your divine purpose. Unlock your energetic code with the mathematical science of numerology to elevate your intentions + flow with the Universe. Your strengths, unique gifts, challenges, and experiences have brought you this exact place + time. The world needs what you have! It's time to rise sister and connect your aspirations with the opportunities before you for results you couldn't imagine possible. A shift from fear to love. From scarcity to abundance. From overwhelm to clarity. From stress to joy. 




Awaken to a revolutionary goal-setting process. Find the sweet spot between hustle and flow and ensure your outward desires come from your greatest resource, the intelligence of your heart. Time to shift your Type A personality into recovery mode and build a strengths-based business void of overgiving, people-pleasing, and undervaluing yourself.




 With your heart as the GPS, and the insights for your personal eneregetic forecast, we’ll create a holistic view of your business for the year and a detailed 90-day plan. A reliable road map that will keep you in alignment with how you want to feel, your values, and include the meaningful inspired actions and goals to get you there.




Everyone needs a team of heart warriors to back them. And everyone deserves to work with dream clients. Participants will collaborate and network to develop a support system - spiritual and physical. Gathering resources, sharing insights, borrowing audiences, cheerleading for each other. A heart-centered way to level up and lead. Because, unity is the only way forward.

Bonus Trainings


Go deep and do the inner work. It’s a practice, and we need to learn how to release, cut cords, forgive and move on. Liberate yourself from the past to uplevel your business and your life. 



The ego can be a little trixter when you declare changes to the Universe. Build a better relationship with the ego and fear so you can stay connected with your heart and shift back into the vibration of love. 



Quality. Purity. A bona fide tool for emotional support as you navigate the changes required to revolutionize your business.  



Understand the 6 common energetic blocks and self-limiting beliefs that keep you playing small and stop you from being in flow with the Universe.


 As spiritual beings having a human experience, we have a hard time owning our strengths and proudly sharing that with the world. Why we do what we do and our story is how we authentically attract our ideal clients. This session will guide you to articulate who you are, why you do it, and who you will be calling into your community through your ideal client code. 



 We each have an army of angels and spirit guides that are ready and waiting to collaborate with us. The Universe wants you to win. Yet, we often forget that. Stay connected to divine guidance and source energy and continue being of service to the world with confidence. 



Disagreements. One-sided views. Arguments. Conflict will always be a part of relationship management, but it doesn’t always have to be as stressful. Bring awareness into the roles you play in conflict and learn a more heart-centered approach. Discover how to set boundaries and develop more meaningful connections in life and business.



“I’m so overwhelmed, I can’t possibly consider adding another thing to my plate.”

I see you. I hear you. And I understand how you feel. Overwhelm isn’t about not knowing what to do, it’s about not knowing where to begin.

We are going to start with foundational pieces that so many entrepreneurs overlook and strengthen your intuition while aligning with your natural energetic code.

This helps clear the fog and shows you the path forward. Then you're going to clear away any limiting beliefs or activities that drain your energy to make space for the future you want, without the burnout.

“I’m not sure if this is the right investment for me.”

I’ve spent thousands and thousands on personal and professional development. Sometimes it’s been a 5 figure investment for 3 months and it fell flat when it came to the delivery.

Even when I didn’t get what I paid for, somehow the investment has always paid off tenfold.

In a way, it’s taught me what NOT to do in my own business. And this is why I have created this course.

I do believe that if you truly put in the work, your investment will also pay off tenfold. 

I’ve heard all of these objections before and many others.


I need time to think about it.

Let me ask my husband.

How do I know it’s worth the investment? 


Is it your ego holding you back, keeping you small, and trying to keep you safe ?

Let me ask you this….


What would happen if you listened to your heart?


What if you trusted your intuition and went all in without hesitation?


Can you imagine building a business with more ease + momentum? 


Can you imagine your life filled with more joy, abundance and freedom? 


Don’t worry about HOW. Trust WHY you want to do this. And believe that the Universe wants you to win. 


Everything. And I mean everything is an opportunity for growth. I can’t promise you results. What I can assure you is that if you’re willing to do the work, you will expand in ways you never thought possible


It’s not in my nature to sell anyone on anything. This has to come from your own heart. However, if you feel you need to have a conscious conversation about this program to ensure we are the right fit, you are welcome to book a 15 minute free discovery call.


Erica R 

Steeps Consulting

"This workshop was a jam packed contemplation of my business to uncover the layers into the knowing of what feelings I most want to experience each day.  The resulting clarity through a list of core feelings and goals with soul will launch this next chapter for me! The authentic facilitation with ease and heart that Ann Marie brings into every experience shows me by example that living by your heart and knowing how you want to feel will propel us to grow into our own best lives with soul felt experiences!"

Shannon Kerr

EFT Practitioner

“This was exactly the goal-setting firestarter that I was looking for.  Working through all the different areas of my business to become fully aware of what's working and what's not, I feel confident now about my abilities and accomplishments, along with a list of goals and core feelings to guide me. Ann Marie is a riveting speaker, who draws from her past experiences along with all the work she's done with clients.  Her honesty and positivity is so refreshing.  She's great at getting to the heart of what you're feeling, and helping you draw out what you're missing in your goals.”

The Energy Exchange


Your investment includes a 3 month container of group coaching. You will have access to a 90 minute weekly group coaching call, in addition to the pre-recorded sessions. A Divine Blueprint kicks off the first of three personal 1:1 sessions at your convenience within the 3-month container. All modules and lessons will be recorded and available for replay. 

You can start the program at any time that works for you, but space is limited to 12 registrants at any given time. 

Each gathering will be intimate and filled with conscious conversations to meet you exactly where you're at and help you move past your growth edge. 

The 7 BONUS trainings will be available only to those who pay in full. 

Woven into our intimate gatherings…


Breath. Our ultimate tool for resiliency and adaptability. No experience is necessary. An easy way to stay connected to Source energy and the intelligence of your heart. 


We each have a unique energetic code that can be unlocked through numerology. This code will uncover your strengths, challenges, your ideal clients, and the best time for creating or launching. 

Heart-Centered Rituals

This work is meant to be fun! We will access messages from our Higher Selves and Spirit Guides through oracle decks, prayer, and the energetics of numerology.

Soulful Business Strategist, Certified Advanced Numerologist +

Heart-Centered Coach

From owning a private school to leading not-for-profits to multi-level marketing companies, I have certainly seen and experienced my fair share of business models. And although some of the businesses that I founded or managed were ‘successful’, they were all missing one key component…

 …..energetics and how it impacts outcomes. 

 The business world has operated far too long within the confines of a masculine model. Gone are the days of ignoring the ‘soft skills’ and the feminine aspects that create a well-balanced workplace that honors both people AND profits. 

 That is why I birthed the Conscious Business Immersion. I am on a mission to empower conscious business creators and entrepreneurs to find the elusive balance between hustle and flow. By understanding Universal energetic principles, removing energetic blocks, setting emotional intentions, and having conscious conversations, your impact on the world is amplified, in sustainable ways. 

 The question is, are you ready to integrate your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual influences into your business practices for lasting change and transformation?





"Picture heart intelligence as the flow of awareness, understanding, and intuitive guidance we experience when the mind and emotions are brought into coherent alignment with the heart.

This intelligence steps down the power of love from the universal source into our life’s interactions in practical, approachable ways that info us of a straighter path to our fulfillment." 

-Doc Childre, HeartMath Founder and Co-CEO


Catherine Croucher

Certified KonMari™ Tidying Consultant

Curated Dwelling

“I wanted to set myself and my business up for a fabulous year, one that aligned with my highest aspirations and vibrations. I needed a catalyst to help me dig a little deeper. Working with Ann Marie and within a group structure, offered a real solution to keep me accountable.

Greatest takeaways: It's right to follow my feelings even when I have hesitations and doubts. Core feelings and the processes surrounding the development of daily reflection are integral to becoming the best version of ourselves. Ritual is powerful. Energy is important. Tune in."

What's your investment?


By investing in the Conscious Business Immersion you will:
  • Receive a full Divine Numerology Blueprint, Personal Energetic Forecast to understand your unique energetic code and where to focus your energy and effort
  • Develop a clear understanding of WHY you do what you do, your values, and where the compass of your heart wants to go
  • Clear energetic blocks + self-limiting beliefs holding you back from being the highest, most authentic version of yourself
  • Elevate the intelligence of your heart + gain clarity on how you want to feel in your life + business
  • Cast a vision for your future with 
  • Create a 90-day detailed plan and 12-month Conscious Business Blueprint that aligns with your energetic code, heart-centered values, heart-compass and soul-fire intentions
  • Align with the Universal energy to create a one year, high-level Soulful Strategy that reflects all areas of your business

Energetically open your business and elevate your capacity for more abundance, joy and freedom.


What they're saying ...


Cathy Goddard 

Lighthouse Visionary Strategies - Lighthouse Mentor Network


“I attended to get new techniques and basically, to ensure that my business is on the right path. As a long-time entrepreneur, it was time for me to move out of my comfort zone and think things through differently. This workshop provided the introspective tools - and clarity - to get me there. Ann Marie McKenzie did an incredible job facilitating a bunch of fabulous and diverse entrepreneurs and I have no doubt everyone left with renewed energy to accomplish their goals.

Amber Turnau

Co-Founder Substrate Studios


"When you provide a service for a living, you often put your clients first and forget about the needs of your own business. Taking this workshop helped me reconnect with my core feelings and align them with our business. I gave myself the freedom and space to envision my ideal entrepreneurial life and put a practical plan in place to feel the way I want to feel with our business each and every day. 

Ann Marie pays careful attention to the atmosphere she's manifesting in the workshop room and we could really feel a positive energy shift occur throughout the morning. Ann Marie is a breath of fresh air and I'm so grateful to have done this workshop with her."



Who is Conscious Business Immersion for?

Conscious Business Immersion is for you if ...


You’re a Heart-centered entrepreneur or purpose-driven business

You'd like to bring more joy into the work you do

You’re willing to invest in yourself and your business

You’re ready to do some deep inner work and create lasting change

You want to live more intentionally and be of service to the world

You enjoy learning in a group environment with a timeline for accountability

Still not sure if Conscious Business Immersion is for you? 

Complete the quick application process, and book a FREE call. In 30 minutes or less, I will support you to understand the next steps in your business, even if it isn't CBI. 

If you would like a financial boost for Conscious Business Immersion, be sure to ask me about my affiliate program.

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